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Click on the image to watch one of the squirrels in our grounds.

Live cameras available on this site.

                                    Project 2013 -14

                                            ECO ACTIV Project 2013 - 15  

                                       Champions of the Red Squirrel – Jersey





St Lawrence School, Radisson Blu, Dept of the Environment,Trees for Life


Planning and suggestions


July 2013


·    Launch– Press/Media Release

·    Lunchtime lecture – Radisson Blu

·    Election of School Council – Eco Warriors

·    School Assemblies by The Environment Dept re. Squirrels – habitat, food, needs.


Autumn Term 2013


·    Establish Native Tree Nursery


Pupils to collect seeds – acorns,conkers etc under guidance of Trees for Life. Set up growing boxes, germinate and care for plants. Transplant saplings (when ready) into areas in local community identified by The Environment Dept. Task to be performed  by Staff  from Radisson Blu and Eco warriors from St Lawrence School.


·    Squirrel Food


1.Eco warriors to research appropriate food for Red Squirrel.


2.St Lawrence to set up extra feeding boxes in Nature Area.


3.Monitoring of behaviour around existing nesting box and new feeders to be enhanced with new Internet (IP) cameras and new school website with Public Access.


4.Monitoring of the Squirrel community and identification via cameras and observation.



5.Staff from Radisson Blu to deliver an assembly and workshop at St Lawrence School re.preparation of  food suitable and healthy for Red Squirrels.


6.Reciprocal visit by Eco warriors to the Radisson Blu Kitchens – preparation of food to be sold at School Christmas Fayre to raise funds for Squirrel food.


7.Harvesting of Sunflower seeds by from Sunflower border


Spring 2014


·    Rope Bridge


1.School to investigate possibility of expanding current rope bridge so that squirrels can cross the main road. Permissions to be sought from land owners, TTS and Parish.


2.Building and maintenance of rope bridge by Radisson Blu Staff and St Lawrence School Staff under guidance of Trees for Life.


·    Community and Tourism


       Encourage visits from Local Community and Tourists (walking groups) to

       visit St Lawrence School to observe squirrels.

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Red Squirrel Project