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Vision statement

The curriculum at St Lawrence School empowers our children to be successful in an ever changing world. By providing rich and memorable learning experiences and engaging them through high quality activities, we support the development of their academic excellence. By modelling thoughtful and considerate interactions and insisting on positive behaviour at school, we teach our children to be respectful and tolerant young people ready to make a positive contribution.

As the children of St Lawrence School encounter new learning, they will discover knowledge that makes them curious to find out even more, they will acquire skills that continue to build year after year and they will experience a breadth of study that provides them with strong social and cultural capital.

Underpinning our curriculum, we have 3 core values which describe our children’s learning behaviours:


  • we treat others how we would like to be treated
  • we tell the truth
  • we care about each other’s feelings


  • we are confident to be unique
  • we respect each other inside and out
  • we are happy for our own and each other’s successes


  • we ask questions and figure things out for ourselves
  • we listen in a respectful way
  • we try our best and learn from our mistakes

Our promise is that every child:

  • will fulfil their potential
  • will develop the ability to reflect on their strengths and development needs
  • will be prepared to add value to their community
  • will have the chance to learn in a variety of ways and from a range of interesting people
  • will understand the benefit of being outward looking and will embrace diversity
  • will be encouraged to care for their environment
  • will have the opportunity for their families and carers to be fully involved in their school life
  • will make positive, trusting relationships