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Why use Digital Technology?

At St Lawrence School, we recognise the use of Digital Technology as an important resource for teaching and learning. We are fortunate in that we have access to a number of iPads, PCs and netbooks within school, with each child from Year 4 upwards having a designated netbook in their classroom.

This means, however, that users will encounter risks online, posed more by behaviours and values online rather than the technology itself. We will therefore ensure that our pupils are taught appropriate safe and responsible online behaviours in order to safeguard themselves and to get the most out of the technology available.


St Lawrence School takes responsibility for your child’s online safety very seriously and, as such, we ensure that pupils are educated about safe use of technology and we will take every reasonable precaution to ensure that pupils cannot access inappropriate materials whilst using school equipment. We have a firewall provided by the Education Department that covers both our wired PCs as well as all our wireless devices. This safeguards the children to some extent but no system can be guaranteed 100% safe. Our intention is to educate your children so that they are able to use technology safely, carefully and responsibly.

Our Rules

In order to support the school in educating your child about e-safety, please read and discuss the attached rules with your child. These rules have been explained and discussed with your child at school and provide an opportunity for further conversations between you and your child about safe online behaviour.

Pupil Responsible Use Agreement KS1

Pupil Responsible Use Agreement KS2

A large poster-style copy of these rules is on display in each classroom and teachers take the opportunity to discuss a range of e-safety issues within the class setting throughout the academic year. The children also benefit from assemblies focusing on e-safety issues.

Should you wish to discuss the matter further or if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs K Banks

IT Co-Ordinator