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Ethos, Beliefs and Values


We think school should be about empowering our children to be successful in an ever changing world. By providing rich and memorable learning experiences and engaging our children through hands on activities, we support the development of our children’s skills as well as their knowledge and understanding.

It is important to us that children are able to connect what they do at school to the real world and that they learn how to think creatively and solve problems, both independently and collaboratively. As such, we enable children to take on responsibilities, to make choices about their learning and to find out their own interests and fascinations.

Beliefs and Values

We believe that children can improve and grow stronger in many different ways and we support our children to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and morally. We work hard to help our children become independent, responsible and successful at school so that they will become useful, confident and considerate members of the community in the future. As a school we promote the values of:


St Lawrence's Primary School - ResponsibilitySt Lawrence's Primary School - Responsibility

  • we treat others how we would like to be treated

  • we tell the truth

  • we care about each other’s feelings


St Lawrence's Primary School - IndependenceSt Lawrence's Primary School - Independence

  • we are confident to be unique

  • we respect each other inside and out

  • we are happy for our own and each other’s successes


St Lawrence's Primary School - SuccessSt Lawrence's Primary School - Success

  • we ask questions and figure things out for ourselves

  • we listen in a respectful way

  • we try our best and learn from our mistakes