St. Lawrence School
Jersey, Channel Islands

School Travel Plan

Walk to School?

Cycle to School?

Walking bus?

Car Sharing?

Safe Routes?


Car Parking?

Health and Safety?

The Plan

'The States of Jersey Sustainable Transport Policy 2010 sets targets, to be achieved by 2015, to reduce car use at peak times by 15%, increase schol bus use by 20%, and increase children cycling to school by 100%. The policy also sets a target for all schools to have a travel plan by 2015.'


As you will see in this document, we started on this journey in November 2012 by involving the children and Ania Deichsel, the Transport Awareness Officer for Transport and Technical Services (TTS) department of the States of Jersey.


Please note that this is the DRAFT plan, and I will shortly be meeting with the Parish Roads Committee to discuss further. I am very keen to have parental input and comments before the Plan is finalised, and  will be setting up a forum  to discuss as mentioned in the letter dated 10th October 2013.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have views but do not wish to be a member of the Parent Forum.


Please click on this link to view the DRAFT School Travel Plan.