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Extra-Curricular Clubs


St Lawrence Primary School - Clubs

We have a wide range of lunchtime clubs, which we hope will give children the chance to follow their own interests. Many of these clubs are organised and run by the children. If you would like your child to join one of the lunchtime clubs, please email us at


Maypole Dancing Club
Fairy Tale Club
Yoga and Mindfulness Club
Quiz (general knowledge) Club
Kilometre (running) Club
Rubiks Cube Club


Athletics Club
Match Attack Club
Petanque Club
Drafts Club


Reading Club
Eco Club
Piano Club
Cooking Club


Netball Club
Pokemon Club
Chess Club
Adventure Club (outdoor activities in the squirrel garden)
Lego Club


French Club
Dance Club
Digital Animation Club
Writing Club
Portuguese Club
Reading Club (for Reception class)