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Extra-Curricular Clubs


St Lawrence Primary School - Clubs

We have a range of clubs throughout the week. If your children would like to join any of our clubs, please email us at and we will add them to the list. For clubs that are currently full, there will be a waiting list.


Yoga and Mindfulness: 12.00pm

Quiz Club: 12.00pm

Rubiks Cube Club: 12.00pm

Kilometre Club (Starting in the Summer)

Vik’s Fit Kids: after school


Athletics Club: 07.45am

Choir: 12.00pm

Match Attack Club: 12.00pm

Cooking Club: 12.30pm

Piano Club: 12.30pm


Reading Club: 12.00pm

Eco Club: 12.00pm


Netball Club: 12.00pm

Pokemon Club: 12.00pm

Chess Club: 12.00pm

Adventure Club in the Squirrel Garden: 12.30pm

Brazilian Soccer Club: after school


Kodu (coding club): 12.00pm

Dance Club: 12.30pm